PQCrypto 2019

The Tenth International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography

Chongqing University, Chongqing, May 8-10, 2019

Accepted Papers

Jan-Pieter D'Anvers, Frederik Vercauteren and Ingrid Verbauwhede The impact of error dependencies on Ring/Mod-LWE/LWR based schemes
Daniel Apon, Dana Dachman-Soled, Huijing Gong and Jonathan Katz Constant-Round Group Key-Exchange from the Ring-LWE Assumption
Sauvik Bhattacharya, Oscar Garcia-Morchon, Thijs Laarhoven, Ronald Rietman, Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen, Ludo Tolhuizen, Zhenfei Zhang, Hayo Baan and Scott Fluhrer Round5: A Compact and Fast Post-Quantum Public-Key Cryptosystem
Slim Bettaieb, Loïc Bidoux, Philippe Gaborit and Etienne Marcatel Preventing timing attacks against RQC using constant time decoding of Gabidulin codes
Nina Bindel, Jacqueline Brendel, Marc Fischlin, Brian Goncalves and Douglas Stebila Hybrid Key Encapsulation Mechanisms and Authenticated Key Exchange
Pedro Branco and Paulo Mateus A traceable ring signature scheme based on coding theor
Alain Couvreur, Matthieu Lequesne and Jean-Pierre Tillich Recovering short secret keys of RLCE in polynomial time
Thomas Decru, Lorenz Panny and Frederik Vercauteren Faster SeaSign signatures through improved rejection sampling
Emmanouil Doulgerakis, Thijs Laarhoven and Benne de Weger Finding closest lattice vectors using approximate Voronoi cells
Farnoud Farahmand, Viet B. Dang, Duc Tri Nguyen and Kris Gaj Evaluating the Potential for Hardware Acceleration of Four NTRU-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanisms Using Software/Hardware Codesign
E.V. Flynn and Yan Bo Ti Genus Two Isogeny Cryptography
Ben Hamlin and Fang Song Quantum security of hash functions and property-preservation of iterated hashing
Akinori Hosoyamada, Yu Sasaki, Seiichiro Tani and Keita Xagawa Improved Quantum Multicollision-Finding Algorithm
Haodong Jiang, Zhenfeng Zhang and Zhi Ma Tighter security proofs for generic key encapsulation mechanism in the quantum random oracle mode
Qinyi Li and Xavier Boyen Direct CCA2 KEM and Deterministic PKE from Standard LWE
San Ling, Khoa Nguyen, Huaxiong Wang and Yanhong Xu Forward-Secure Group Signatures from Lattices
Zhen Liu, Yanbin Pan and Zhenfei Zhang Cryptanalysis of an NTRU-based Proxy Encryption Scheme from ASIACCS’15
Michael Meyer, Fabio Campos and Steffen Reith On Lions and Elligators: An efficient constant-time implementation of CSIDH
Tobias Oder, Julian Speith, Kira Höltgen and Tim Güneysu Towards Practical Microcontroller Implementation of the Signature Scheme Falcon
Nicolas Sendrier and Valentin Vasseur On the Decoding Failure Rate of QC-MDPC Bit-Flipping Decoders
Javier Verbel, John Baena, Daniel Cabarcas, Ray Perlner and Daniel Smith-Tone On the Complexity of "Superdetermined" Minrank Instances
Takashi Yamakawa and Keita Xagawa (Tightly) QCCA-Secure Key-Encapsulation Mechanism in the Quantum Random Oracle Model